Weather API for Tourism & Events

API for Tourism & Events

Summer and winter destinations as well as outdoor events depend on precise weather data and forecasts. Meteotest's temporally and spatially high-resolution 4-D weather forecasts can be integrated into your website in a few steps using the weather API.

In addition to the current forecast values, we also provide you with historical weather and forecast data. This is above all necessary if you want to develop weather-sensitive prices (dynamic pricing).

Radar and satellite data, as well as precipitation and cloud forecasting, can be delivered as area data via our Grid API.

Available parameters (selection)

Weather forecasts

ttTemperature 2 m above ground °C
txMaximum temperature 2 m above ground °C
tnMinimum temperature 2 m above ground °C
tdDew point 2 m above ground °C
tt5Ground temperature 5 cm above ground °C
rhRelative humidity 2 m above ground %
rrRain rate, total precipitation mm
rrpProbability of rain %
thProbability of thunder %
slSnowfall line m a.s.l./m ü.M.
ffWind speed km/h
fxMaximum wind gust km/h
ddWind direction °
dddWind direction N/S/W/E
nTotal cloud coverage octa
clvl/cll/clmCloud coverage very low/low/medium altitude octa
ssSunshine duration min
radGlobal radiation W/m2
syWeather symbol; see #1-15
synopSynop code #1-99
zerodegHeight of zero degree level m a.s.l./m ü.M.
qffAir pressure hPa
et0Evapotranspiration in hourly & daily resolutions mm/h | mm/d