Climate Assessments

Basis for decision making on climate and climate change

Tailor-made assessments

Meteotest creates tailored climate assessments as a basis for political, economical and societal decision makers. Our climate assessments provide information and data on past and present climate as well as on climate change for a variety of topics and parameters:

  • Hail and storms

  • Precipitation and drought

  • Heat and cold

  • Resources for wind and solar energy

  • Urban climate

  • Heating degree days

  • Plant diseases

Climatological maps through interpolation

Based on our extensive databases and our sophisticated algorithms for interpolation in space and time, we create climatological maps for all kinds of inquiries. We develop wind potential maps, solarresource maps, storm maps, icing maps, drought maps, and more...

Thanks to our GIS capabilities, we are able to process large quantities of surface data and to couple, overlap, merge and analyse them against various criteria. For visualisation we display static or dynamic maps as interactive web based maps.

A range of skills

In addition to our experience and extensive databases, we can count on additional important skills:

  • Data mining and Big Data

  • Extreme value statistics

  • Interpolations

  • Downscaling and regionalisation

  • Solution orientation

  • Flexibility

  • Continuity

All in a single hand

Thanks to strong cooperation with other units within Meteotest, we can cover all aspects of climatological analyses and their visualisations:

Jan Remund

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