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At the moment we do not have any job openings. You can apply freely via our application form (German only).

«Let's save the world!»

is our employee motto for 2023. Yes, our ambitions are high. And of course we can't do it alone. But with our work at Meteotest, we want to contribute good solutions to urgent problems of today and tomorrow. This is part of our identity and a good reason to work at Meteotest. Entrepreneurship is also part of our DNA – after all, our company is 100% owned by ourselves: A majority of the employees are also shareholders in the company – and new employees can become one.

Solar map

Solar power for the world – modeled by Meteotest.

We see ourselves as a "solution factory". Due to our breadth we can cover almost all scientific issues that arise within the atmosphere. With about 40 employees in six business units, we offer a wide range of services and products – often combining the expertise of several units. This breadth and the collaboration in ever-changing project teams make the work challenging and exciting.

We think a high degree of personal responsibility and possibilities for participation as well as versatile & interdisciplinary teamwork are important. We offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of employment models and working hours with good social benefits. We work in quiet offices with plenty of space in our company building in Bern. It is possible to work partly in home office.

We invite you to a virtual tour through our company building.

Typical job profiles at Meteotest

  • Scientific Analyst: You obtain and analyze data on meteorology, climatology, air pollutants, solar or wind energy. You utilize scripting languages like Python, tools like ArcGIS and/or modeling software like PALM. The results are customized, e.g., a report, a potential study, a dataset, or an interactive web application. Almost every scientist is also a project manager and is responsible for the success of the project in terms of content, schedule and budget.
  • Software Engineer: In the dynamic daily routine, you work in a structured and goal-oriented manner and keep an eye on customer benefits. You easily manage to switch between application maintenance and work on smaller and larger updates as well as collaboration in development projects. In line with our DevOps philosophy, you are involved every step of the way, from conception, through interaction design and development, to commissioning and maintenance.


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