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MAAP: Internet map toolkit for every purpose

MAAP is our own state-of-the-art map library for websites which, in conjunction with our Weather API, enables the fast and streamlined presentation of spatial data on computers, tablets and smartphones.

MAAP is suitable for map applications of any kind. As background maps we usually make use of optimized application-specific maps based on OpenStreetMap. However, we can also integrate base maps from external sources such as Swisstopo or ArcGIS Online.

A glimpse into MAAP

MAAP is based on Leaflet - a leading open source map library. Leaflet produces lightweight, interactive map applications with any number of point and surface layers. We pay particular attention to compliance with open standards such as WMS, WFS, WMTS and GeoJSON.

An emphasis is placed on Responsive Web Design that enables user-friendly presentation on tablets and smartphones. We are particularly interested in the intuitive visualisation of temporal fluctuation, such as a rain radar.

Screenshot Wind

High-performance data delivery

Much of weather and spatial data are available as raster data in high resolution image (e.g. wind fields or rain radar). The presentation of such data at various zoom levels is a technical challenge.

We have therefore developed a raster database which enables the quick and optimised delivery of the raw data thanks to sophisticated rendering, tiling and caching algorithms.

Meeting our own standards

One's own standards are often the highest. While developing our own new website we encountered obstacles in displaying online maps which ultimately led us to implement the already existing "MAAP" idea.

Good examples of MAAP may be found on the weather forecast pages on our website.

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