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Services for the media sector

Print: Print-ready weather products

Our weather-production system generates printable products in PDF, EPS or InDesign formats and can be easily integrated into your editorial system. Meteotest professionals produce appealing and modern visualisations, as well as competent and articulate forecast texts, for your readership.

With ExtendScript for Adobe Creative Suite we automate the production of weather content as prepress files for daily and weekly newspapers. We offer this resource-saving production solution for other automated content as well.

Online: Weather forecasts on the Internet

Whether as a simple web service or as a complete integration into a website or app, our online products contain attractively illustrated weather information, from simple weather icons up to complex radar and satellite animations.

Our web services offer all possibilities for the dynamic integration of weather information on the Internet.

Our in-house graphic designer designs individual weather charts and weather icons optimised for the respective medium. To get an idea of our capabilities visit our weather page.

Radio & TV: Live interviews and "weather talks"

Our weather experts provide weather radio stations with live interviews, weather discussions or background reports, which are then fine-tuned to your coverage area and your listeners - thanks to our digital CODEC connection and soundproof recording cubicle we deliver this service with amazing sound quality.

For TV production we create weather visualisations in HD quality. We animate the regional and national weather patterns in appealing and easy-to-understand graphics - adapted to your layout.

Mobile: The weather wherever you go

We create clear and functional websites with responsive design for an optimal experience on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Based on your needs, we create customized mobile apps for iOS and/or Android.

We also offer the possibility to send automated alerts via e-mail, SMS or push-message based on the conditions you define.

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