Production Loss

Consideration of icing in energy production forecast

Good risk management thanks to years of experience

Correct consideration of icing and risk management during the planning phase are key to a successful project. Once the wind park has been built, the possibilities for action are greatly limited by the installed technology.

We advise you on how to determine the icing frequency at your location, assist you with the design of your wind measuring strategy and evaluate the measurement data for you.

The right technology for every location

Manufacturers of wind turbines offer a variety of technologies and operating modes for sites vulnerable to icing. We would be glad to advise you on the selection of the turbine type as well as the systems for ice detection and de-icing technology.

In existing wind parks we offer to analyze your operating data, determine the loss accrued from icing, as well as assist you in optimizing operation.

Accurate yield forecasts are the key to success

We clean up your measurement data and determine the icing frequency at your location. We calculate the annual energy yield for various types of turbines, de-icing systems and operating modes under icing conditions. We operate webcam systems for the detection of icing in the planning phase, or for the operational data analysis of an existing wind park.

As part of a due diligence process, we help you in assessing icing conditions and associated risks on the annual energy yield, be it as an assessment of an existing wind report or as a complete second opinion assessment.

Success thanks to knowledge

We support project developers or park operators and provide the necessary knowledge on icing. Our workshops cover the following topics:

  • Principles and definitions
  • Location classification according to IEA
  • Identification of wind resources
  • Measurement of icing
  • Calculation of the annual energy yield
  • De-icing options
  • Ice throw
  • Operating experience
  • Icing simulations and predictions
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