Construction Industry

For planning the climate is important - in execution it's the weather

Rain, snow, frost and storms have a negative impact on construction progress. Thanks to our point-accurate forecasts you can optimise your resource and work planning in timely fashion. For critical construction projects, such as sewer rehabilitation, we also offer extensive weather advice, such as weather warnings, weather briefings and emergency services during thunderstorms or flooding risks.

Buildings are planned for a time horizon of decades. For the designing of insulation, heating and cooling, it is essential to know the climatic conditions. Our globally recognized software Meteonorm delivers all relevant parameters in the right format for today as well as in different future scenarios. Additionally we provide climatological expertise for specific inquiries.

For high or exposed buildings such as cableways, power lines or high-rise buildings, we calculate wind loads and icing risks. To this end we use high-resolution weather models and 3D flow models, combining them with the appropriate data from our comprehensive meteorological databases.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) examines whether a construction project complies with environmental legislation. Meteotest examines the following environmental aspects of construction projects: