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Data Management

Large amounts of data under control at any time

Databases exist on structure, functionality and speed

Environmental data is becoming more extensive and complex. A suitable database structure, choosing the right data formats (eg. HDF5, netCDF, GRIB), efficient indexing, high availability, redundancy and backups are required in order to achieve the desired functionality, the required access speed and reliability by API, websites and apps.

We run comprehensive climate and weather databases with constantly updated point and surface data from weather stations, satellites and weather models. From this position we can cater our extensive advise to your specific data management requirements, and thereby formulate the right solution.

Small and Big Data: Take weather & climate into account

In many industries decisions or processes depend on the weather and climate. We analyze these relationships with our historic weather and climate databases and generate the basis for future decisions.

Our databases, the experience of our statisticians, our professional handling of small and large amounts of data from all sectors, enable us to support you, for example, in the making of sales projections, optimisation of procurement planning, energy trading, in building automation, with your advertising activities, or in planning of visitor traffic.

Language Skills

Within our team we cover a wide range of programming languages and database solutions making us prepared for any and every inquiry.

For databases, web applications and API, we work with MySQL/MariaDB, Python, PHP and JavaScript. For statistical analysis we focus on R, Matlab and IDL. For software development we employ C#, .NET and Visual Basic. For processing of spatial data we maintain close cooperation with our GIS business unit.

Adaptable, flexible and reliable

Regardless of it being big or small data, no matter what format, compression, database architecture, interface, operating system, and regardless of whether point, line or spatial data is required, we adapt to your infrastructure and your inquiry. We always guarantee a secure and confidential handling of your data.

For us the customer and his inquiry are at the center of focus. We offer customised and flexible solutions, and see ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers.

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