Weather API for Solar Data

API for Solar

We provide forecasts and measurements for grid management, energy trading, monitoring and operation of PV systems, building automation and facility management.

Our three products can be used individually or in combination. A flexible API combined with an attractive pricing model guarantees an excellent price/performance ratio in all areas of application. Sites can be independently added and edited directly through the API.

SolarForecast provides accurate irradiation forecasts for the next 72 hours for energy producers, grid operators, energy providers and direct marketers as well as building automation. The system is based on global weather prediction models. The forecast values of the weather models are statistically optimized with real measurement data from weather stations.

The CloudMovetechnology predicts cloud movement using wind information from weather models and cloud positions from satellites. The result is an irradiation forecast for the next 6 hours which is updated every 15 minutes

SolarSat delivers satellite measured solar radiation values with hourly resolution.

More information: Detailed information on SolarForecast, CloudMove und SolarSat.

Demo: Have a look at the API in action at

Available parameters (selection)


ghGlobal horizontal radiation W/m2
ttTemperatur °C
dniDirect normal irradiation W/m2
DhDiffuse radiation W/m2
GhmaxClear sky radiation W/m2
gkGlobal radiation on inclined plane W/m2
eReference yield Wh/kWp
+Hourly parameters -
+15-minute parameters -
+Kalman filter -
+Additional meteorological parameters -

Weather forecasts

ttTemperature 2 m above ground °C
txMaximum temperature 2 m above ground °C
tnMinimum temperature 2 m above ground °C
tdDew point 2 m above ground °C
tt5Ground temperature 5 cm above ground °C
rhRelative humidity 2 m above ground %
rrRain rate, total precipitation mm
rrpProbability of rain %
thProbability of thunder %
slSnowfall line m a.s.l./m ü.M.
ffWind speed km/h
fxMaximum wind gust km/h
ddWind direction °
dddWind direction N/S/W/E
nTotal cloud coverage octa
clvl/cll/clmCloud coverage very low/low/medium altitude octa
ssSunshine duration min
radGlobal radiation W/m2
syWeather symbol; see #1-15
synopSynop code #1-99
zerodegHeight of zero degree level m a.s.l./m ü.M.
qffAir pressure hPa
et0Evapotranspiration in hourly & daily resolutions mm/h | mm/d