Weather API for Measurements

API for Measurements

Surveillance systems for traffic, road maintenance, construction and natural hazards require up-to-date meteorological measurement and forecasting data in order to provide reliable and timely information which serves as a basis for decisions, often with far-reaching consequences, for authorities, builders and other responsible persons.

Via our API, you integrate data from the following sources for Switzerland into your application:

  • Swiss Meteorological Network (SwissMetNet)
  • Rainfall and precipitation totals from the precipitation radars of MeteoSwiss
  • Radiation data derived from satellite imagery

Available parameters (selection)

Measurements Switzerland

ttTemperature 2 m above ground °C
tbTemperature on ground °C
txMaximum temperature 2 m above ground °C
tnMinimum temperature 2 m above ground °C
tdDew point 2m above ground °C
rrRain rate, total precipitation mm
snowTotal snow height (Daily measurements) cm
newsnowIncrease of snow (Daily measurements) cm
gnLightning strokes nearby #
gfLightning strokes far #
ssSunshine duration min
fxMaximum wind gust km/h
ddWind direction °
radGlobal radiation W/m2
ssSunshine duration min
etpEvapotranspiration mm
qffPressure hPa
dpPressure change hPa/h
h850Geopontential on 850 hPa gpm
h700Geopontential on 700 hPa gpm