Weather API

Weather, climate and environmental data for digital applications

Our Weather API delivers the latest weather, climate and environmental data flexibly, quickly and reliably in the desired output format such as CSV, XML, JSON or YAML. We can tailor the output exactly to your needs, for example as a specific graph.

Due to the slim design of the API and the preprocessing of the required data, we achieve a very high speed and availability, even for the query of large amounts of data. To meet the highest demands, we also provide dedicated servers on request.

Connect your website, app, software or control system and generate added value! Our API adapt to your requirements in several stages:

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One way standard API

Our standard API provides you with our standardised parameter sets and formats. Simple, slim and efficient.

One way custom API

We extend the standard API to provide derived parameters, units and formats according to your needs (e.g. energy production, heating & cooling degree days, ice loads etc.).

Two way dynamic API

We configure the custom API with specific interfaces and algorithms to interact with your data streams and models in order to achieve higher precision or added value information.

Web App

We develop and host independent applications or integrations into your website (Dashboards, Web Apps, Micro Apps etc.). Choose from our data, your data or a combination of both. Our team of experts supports you in the development of concepts, specifications and agile project execution.