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Open-air weather: analysis - concept - forecast - alarm

The successful and safe conduct of open-air events such as festivals, open-air theaters, sports events or city festivals, to a large extent depends on the weather.

In a multi-level risk management process, we identify natural hazards which can have an influence on your event already in the planning phase. We evaluate these and work out an information concept in personal consultation with you.

Before, during and after the event, our experienced meteorologists create precise weather forecasts, collect important weather information and monitor the weather development for your venue - if necessary, around the clock.

If you do not need comprehensive weather management for your event we will provide you with personal weather advice by telephone or weather warnings via SMS or e-mail.

Expeditions and trekkings: High up, but safe

Meteotest offers tailor-made meteorological support for expeditions and trekking around the world. We have many years of experience in advising high altitude mountain expeditions.

For the summit success, with a safe ascent and descent, mountaineers depend on a stable weather window of several days. High wind speeds, low temperatures, thunderstorms and strong precipitation can be precarious.

The availability of measured data, satellite images and state-of-the-art model data allows us to provide forecasts for mountaineers and expeditions around the world. Via the Internet, mobile phone or satellite telephone, we communicate directly with the expedition leaders and convey critical information on the weather situation. Our long-standing expert knowledge about the weather in high-altitude mountains makes us a very reliable partner.

On our website Expedition Weather we present our customers with forecasts from our weather models, which we operate for global expedition hotspots.

Road Weather - for efficient winter service

StrassenwetterBASIC is our basic package for professional winter services. The basic package contains the following four modules:

  • Forecast bulletin: Daily, at the desired time, by e-mail or PDF, our bulletin for your area of application, adapted to the requirements of the winter service.
  • Internet portal: Access to our web portal with constantly updated information on the weather situation in your area of application.
  • Training: Half-day seminar for your employees to optimally interpret weather forecasts, as well as for the correct assessment of critical weather situations.
  • Weather-briefing: Personal telephone consultation by our forecasters, who are also responsible for bulletins, the Internet portal and training.

Seasonal forecasts

For a long time, it was not possible to produce reliable forecasts for the next weeks ot months. Meanwhile, there exist numerous long term models, which are capable to provide such forecasts. The uncertainty of these forecasts is still high. But based on thorough interpretation, the comparison of different models, careful evaluation of the uncertainties and regular updates through experts, it is nowadays possible to provide reliable information on weather trends.

Such information allows to generate added value in different sectors (tourism, road services, open air events, construction, logistics, energy supply).

To assess to most likely long term weather scenario, our forecasters produce regularly updated briefings where they discuss the most probable weather development for the next months. These briefings especially contain information, if a period with dry or a wet conditions can be expected and if the temperatures will be above or below the long term mean

Meteofon: How is the weather? How was it?

Do you personally need a weather prediction for a specific location right now? Meteofon can help you:

  • 0900 57 61 52
  • 3.13 CHF/min. Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 14:30

Meteofon supports decisions in the areas of agriculture, road maintenance, sports, construction and leisure.

Insurance companies, the police and judiciary depend on precise information and advice on parameters such as black ice, wind peaks, lightning strikes, brightness, glare, precipitation or temperature in the case of a liability claim, accident or offense. Our climate archive allows us to answer such questions up to 30 years in the past via Meteofon.

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