Global irradiation and climate data

Meteonorm software for global climate data

Meteonorm contains worldwide weather data which you can retrieve in over 35 data formats. Be it as an Excel file for manual analysis or as an import to your photovoltaic, solar thermal or building simulation software.

Meteonorm contains the best foundation: 8'325 weather stations, five geostationary satellites and 30 years of experience. On this basis, state-of-the-art interpolation models deliver global data with the highest accuracy.

Typical year as hour and minute values

From monthly values (station data, interpolated data or imported data), Meteonorm calculates hour or minute values of a "typical meteorological year" based on a stochastic model. This data can then be used for the design of energy systems.

With Meteonorm it is also possible to download current monthly values of temperature and radiation to be used for calculations. Alternatively, you can import your own monthly or hourly data of radiation and temperature into Meteonorm and generate your own data records.

Plug-in and webservices for online access

The Meteonorm plug-in (DLL) makes it possible to integrate Meteonorm, including its complete data base, directly into your software. This enables you to use highly accurate meteorological data in your simulation software for photovoltaic systems or for buildings. Meteonorm data sets can also be requested through a web service (API), which makes possible the online integration of Meteonorm data into web pages, web applications or simulation software.

All services are based on the latest version of the Meteonorm software. The request of a typical year is initialised by entering the latitude and longitude of the site. All Meteonorm parameters can be viewed in monthly and hourly resolution.

Interpolation for any location in the world

Usually measurement data are only relevant in the vicinity of the corresponding station. For more remote locations, Meteonorm interpolates the data from different stations. The sophisticated interpolation models inside Meteonorm allow for a reliable calculation of solar radiation, temperature and additional parameters at any location around the world. 

Meteonorm takes into account reduced solar radiation due to an elevated horizon. For most regions in the world, the horizon line is automatically retrieved based on a digital terrain model. Alternatively, the effective horizon line can be entered either graphically or numerically into the software.

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