Precise measurement data for informed decisions

In a world where data is everywhere, precise measurements offer a reliable real-time reference that is particularly valuable. Whether in meteorology, environmental monitoring, or industrial applications, accurate data is the foundation for well-informed decisions.

Meteotest has decades of experience in meteorological measurement technology. We offer comprehensive solutions from conception through implementation to operation. We combine engineering with science to solve your challenge.

Every project is unique, and we tailor our measurement solutions to your specific requirements. Our data portal and custom web applications provide optimal access to the measurement data.

References (selection)

  • Agriculture/Soil: Soil moisture; Frost monitoring for plantations [soil measurement network, WSL]
  • Wind Energy: High wind measurement masts and LIDAR, rotor blade icing [Ennova, BKW]
  • Solar Energy: Irradiance measurements
  • Energy Sector: Monitoring high-voltage power lines [Swissgrid]
  • Landfills: Landfill monitoring [Krauchthal landfill]
  • Road Conditions: Road weather stations, road conditions [Cantons BE, SG, AR]
  • Events: Open-air festivals, outdoor events [Gurtenfestival, Open Air Etziken]
  • Insurance: Measurement networks for storm wind measurements [Solothurn Building Insurance]
  • Aviation: Aviation weather stations [Rega]
  • Wind & Water Sports: Paragliding launch and landing sites, lake weather [Niesen/Spiez]