Energy Yield

Development and operation of wind parks

Energy yield assessments

Our first and second assessments take into account all relevant international guidelines (TR6, IEC, Measnet, IEA) and include:

  • Analysis and quality assessment of wind data

  • Long term correction with global weather data

  • Wind field simulations with WAsP and WindSim (CFD)

  • Energy yield calculations, park effects

  • Uncertainty and risk assessment (P50, P75, P90)

  • Extreme winds, turbulence, wind classes

  • Production losses due to icing

Wind measurements

Our mast, LIDAR and SODAR measurements guarantee the best possible data availability in any terrain or climate worldwide. Under icing conditions we additionally implement webcams.

Conformity to all guidelines (MEASNET, IEC, IEA), autonomous power supply, remote monitoring, supplementary meteorological measurements and daily updated online graphs are all a part of our standards with professional monitoring of measurements.

We offer consultation on designing an optimal measurement configuration for your specific project.

Wind field simulations

Wind field simulations are essential to accurately calculate energy yields of wind farms. 

In non-complex terrain, we apply the linear model WAsP integrated in WindPRO. However, the simulation of air flow over complex terrain is more demanding. Realistic results can only be obtained with CFD models which consider nonlinear, three-dimensional phenomena such as backflow, recirculation and formation of vortices.

We have utilised the CFD model WindSim in complex terrain for more than ten years.

Meteotest calculated a wind map of Switzerland based on CFD wind field models for the Swiss wind mapping project


Wind energy projects under icing conditions is a challenge. Our icing service include:

  • Consultancy

  • Energy yield calculations under icing conditions

  • Ice throw simulations and risk assessments

  • Icing measurements

  • Monitoring with webcams

  • Icing simulations and forecasts

  • Workshops

We assist you in judging the risk of icing at your project site and design your wind measurement campaign. We advise you on how a specific type of wind turbine typically performs under icing conditions and which de-icing and anti-icing options are available on the market.

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