Know the risks and competently evaluate incidents

Insurance firms depend on timely access to relevant weather information in the wake of a liability claim. This can be simple weather information in the case of ice-related car accidents or defective home electronics after lightning strikes. In the case of major damage events, such as storm or hail, we provide detailed analysis of climate and weather data, simulations and expert opinions from weather models and satellite images.

As to risk assessment for the determination of insurance premiums, we support you with time series, statistics and maps based on our climate databases and Meteonorm, as well as competent climate assessments with extreme value statistics. Providers of index-based insurance, such as "Lack of Wind" and "Lack of Sun" insurance in the field of energy, rely on our radiation data, Meteonorm and our second expert opinion reports for wind parks.

Integrate our data via the weather API directly into your applications for risk analysis, underwriting, etc. We provide all relevant weather and climate parameters including specific derived parameters such as evapotranspiration for agricultural issues. We also develop client-specific web dashboards or data analysis tools.

In the case of construction projects or open-air events, we supplement your offer with weather advice, weather forecasts and weather stations.

We distinguish ourselves through a high customer focus, expertise and technical competence.