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Web Applications

We develop clear and functional websites with real-time analysis charts and tables for different industries.

Responsive Design

In 2015 Internet access with mobile devices overtook access by PCs. Websites must therefore function optimally in different resolutions, both with keyboard, mouse and touch interaction.

In close consultation with you, our design team conceptualises the design, gestures and interactions of your web application. To display an initial impression we visualise your app during the design process as a mock-up.


The visual interface of the internet adds further hindrances for impaired users. The Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C develops standards and criteria to minmise those issues.

We develop our projects according to WCAG 2.0 on request. Our team is ther for you if you need further information.

Data visualization

Based on our weather and climate data, as well as your needs, we create customised mobile apps for iOS and Android.

For a graphic representation of weather and climate data, and mobile map applications, we retain the appropriate libraries in-house.

Even during their free time our employees create award-winning apps:

Monitoring and alerting via SMS or e-mail

Many industries make their decisions based on weather and climate. We tailor the required forecast and data API or generate push services via e-mail, SMS or push message.

Such notifications can, for example, be utilized for the monitoring of construction sites and installations, winter maintenance of roads, flood protection, or for notifications when pollutant thresholds are exceeded.

Gateway to your data

Web applications are the gateway to your data.
These web applications are often supplemented by interactive map applications.

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This is a selection of (publicly accessible) web applications that we develop and run:

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