Immission Maps

Data and maps on air pollution

The dispersion model PolluMap

Meteotest, in collaboration with the company INFRAS, has developed PolluMap. It is utilised for particulates, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, BC and sulfur dioxide. On the basis of emission balances, emission cadastres are calculated as a first step. Using transfer functions based on regional climatologies the emissions are converted to immissions.

Our expertise in GIS ensures delivery of the results as clearly presented maps. PolluMap maps are important input maps for the modeling of hourly hybrid maps for pollutant concentrations. PolluMap can be utilised worldwide.

Near-real-time maps of current air pollution

A cartographic representation of the air pollution allows a quick overview of the impact situation and its spatial distribution. With today's density of measuring stations of Swiss cities, cantons and national authorities, it is possible to interpolate realistic maps from the measured data.

The near-real-time hourly maps and annual maps deliver the required information base for environmental authorities. The regional differentiation of air pollution and areas with exceeded thresholds are shown.

Web platforms bring measurements to the Internet

We create web applications which represent the current air pollution situation in tabular and graphical form. We publish current air pollution concentration maps in dynamic online maps. Using the PolluMap's base maps and interpolation methods, up-to-date maps are calculated.

Meteotest has created, and manages, the following web applications for the public authorities:

Historical data on the development of air pollution

We support the NABEL monitoring centre (data base, server and software) on behalf of the FOEN and edit data evaluations and publications such as monthly and annual reports or current measurement data on the Internet and on Teletext.

With maps containing annual values it is possible to show how air pollution has developed over previous years. The basis for these model calculations are the measured concentrations from Swiss Federal, Cantonal and City-operated measuring stations as well as the PolluMap base map.

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