Icing Forecasts

Timely detection of production losses

Predictions for the next 72 hours

Ice formation on rotor blades of wind power plants leads to production losses. Our prediction system is able to produce precise predictions of icing and the associated loss of production of a wind farm in Europe for the next 72 hours.

Typical output parameters show the probability of icing and the relative loss of production of a wind power plant or a wind park.

The right weather model provides accurate results

The icing predictions are based on weather model predictions. Our in-house weather model WRF allows us to predict icing anywhere on the globe. Over the Alpine range, we can also rely on the weather model COSMO of MeteoSwiss.

Meteotest has many years of experience with the operation of weather models and was one of the first companies in Europe to deal with the issue of icing prediction.

Statistical postprocessing for even better results

Even the best weather model does not always fully depict reality. This is especially true for icing, which is a very local phenomenon.

With statistical postprocessing, based on real measurements, the results can be further improved. This post-processing can be based on historical data or on real-time measured values (SCADA data).

Available on-demand thanks to web service

The predictions can be retrieved by the customer at any time via web service. The data can be delivered in various output formats, for example CSV, XML, JSON or TXT. Technical documentation of the API can be found here.

This allows the combination of predictions with other data flows and thus an efficient integration into the operation management.


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