Weather & Measurement Stations

The right station for every challenge

We design, install, and operate customized weather stations and compact stations with high-quality components, which can be supplemented with webcams if needed. Based on your requirements, we implement temporary measurements, permanent stations, and measurement networks with up to 100 individual stations.

Our modular system

  • Data loggers (Campbell Scientific)
  • Sensors (temperature, soil moisture, wind, precipitation, etc.)
  • Cameras (Mobotix)
  • Connectivity (LTE router, LoRa, etc.)
  • Power supply (mains connection, solar panel, battery, fuel cells, lightning protection, etc.)
  • Mechanical mounting (plate stands, telescopic masts, etc.)

Our expertise

  • Autonomous measurement stations with solar panels, fuel cells, or generators that reliably function even under extreme conditions (cold, shading, high winds, snow). (e.g., soil measurement stations in Graubünden with -20°C in winter or wind measurements with supply trailer)
  • Measurement stations on public buildings integrated into the existing lightning protection system of the building (e.g., Solothurn Building Insurance)
  • Long-standing experience with sensors for soil conditions, such as tensiometers & matrix potential sensors, volumetric soil moisture sensors (e.g., soil measurement network)
  • Extensive expertise in wind measurements for various applications (wind potential measurements, storm wind monitoring)
Jürg Gwerder

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Jürg Gwerder

Co-Head of Measurements

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