Energy Industry

The energy industry is increasingly dependent on weather and climate

Without precise irradiation data, a robust planning of photovoltaic systems is not possible. With our product Meteonorm you obtain radiation data for any location around the world. Our solar cadastres shows the solar energy potential for every house roof in a municipality, city or region. Meteotest calculated the Swiss solar cadastre on behalf of the Swiss government.

Precise solar forecasts are required for energy trading, network operation or energy management of buildings, while measured values are useful for monitoring solar plants. Our web services and radiation data are ideally suited for this purpose.

A precise assessment of the expected annual energy yield is indispensable for planning a wind farm. Our yield assessments comply with international standards and provide you with the most important information for decision-making, including risk analysis. We are also happy to carry out the necessary wind measurements. When installing wind parks, local weather conditions must be adequate. We support you with our weather advice. For the national project we calculated a wind map of Switzerland based on CFD wind field modelling.

The icing of wind power plants can lead to a loss of yield, and ice throw can be a safety risk. Our expertise will help you. In operation, our webcams provide important additional information on icing. Finally, the impact on man and landscape must be analyzed. Our environmental reports on sound, shadows and visibility are recognized by the relevant authorities.