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Noise, Shadow and Visibility

How noisy is my wind park?

In a noise assessment, calculations of noise emissions from a planned wind farm are provided for the surroundings as well as individual buildings.

During this process we take the local laws and guidelines into considerations. The noise emissions are simulated with the software WindPRO according to the ISO norm 9613 and visualised in easily understandable graphs and tables.

Where do the shadows fall?

We calculate the shadow flicker caused by wind turbines with the WindPRO software. Alternatively, we can create an even more precise assessment for single impact points with our own tool HORIcatcher.

In addition to the astronomical shadow duration, we also calculate the expected shadow duration with consideration of local wind conditions (system standstill, rotor azimuth) and the average sunshine duration.

How visible is my wind park?

Visibility maps created with ArcGIS clearly show from which locations a single or several of the planned wind energy systems are visible.

With a detailed visibility analysis we also evaluate the distance-dependent perceptibility of visibility.

What does my wind farm look like?

Our photomontages provide the viewer with a realistic impression of the future impact of the project on the landscape.

We create photomontages using the software WindPRO. The consideration of trees and other obstacles, weather and sunshine guarantee a realistic and visually appealing result.

Sara Koller

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Sara Koller

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