Geodata Models

Standardised description of your geodata

Geodata under control thanks to consistent description

Geodata models are the basis of automated data exchange between systems of the cantons, the federal government and private entities. They describe the objects contained in the data set, the characteristic features, as well as the spatial relationships among the objects.

A uniform description language in which the data model is formulated is important. This makes the various data models much easier to understand. In Switzerland, INTERLIS is a standard for exchanging data between information systems, especially for Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Experience with INTERLIS geodata models

We have experience in creating geodata models in INTERLIS, conforming with the Swiss Geoinformation Law.

Data modeling is just the first step. The second and far more important step is the transfer of data from existing systems into a format required by the data models. We offer pragmatic solutions to export your data from your internal data structure to the model structure and back.

Experience has shown that 80% of the data transformations can be solved by using generic routines. Such routines are well known. For processing the remaining 20% you need experienced developers.

That's where we come in!

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