Climate Data

Comprehensive global climate databases

Past, present and future climate

Our services include the delivery of time series, statistical processing of climate data for the determination of mean values, extreme values, trends and typical years as well as the identification of sector-specific parameters such as heating degree days. If required, the climate parameters are correlated with other "non-meteorological" data sources, for example for logistics planning or quality assurance.

In addition, we offer the preparation of climatological assessments, the spatial analysis of climate data, or the visualisation of climatic data and climate scenarios on web pages or web maps.

Access to a global network of weather stations

Meteotest hosts comprehensive internal climate databases, including thousands of weather stations around the world, giving access to base data for all sorts of inquiries. In addition to our historical data, we also have the possibility to provide data sets for future climate scenarios.

In case we do not have the required data in our internal database, we will help you in choosing the data source and with obtaining the data. This ensures that you always have the best data to suit your inquiry.

Recurring delivery or retrieval via web service

In addition to a manual delivery of single data sets, we also offer recurring data deliveries, for example of monthly values of certain parameters for selected locations, or regularly updated climate statistics. 

With our flexible web services you can also retrieve data yourself whenever you need it. This data can easily be integrated into automated processes and applications. The data is available as site-specific point data or as surface layer data.

Weather models, satellite and radar for extensive analysis

We have access to global climatological reanalysis data and climate change scenarios of global and regional weather models. This data can be downscaled statistically or dynamically to regional scales. For Switzerland, we have created a high-resolution climatological record with a horizontal resolution of 250 m for the period from 1999 to 2012.

Our comprehensive satellite image archive covers Europe and North Africa. Based on this data we generate, for example, irradiation climatologies for Meteonorm or provide current irradiation data for the monitoring of solar systems. These data sources are complemented by our archive of radar precipitation data.

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