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In today's digital world, current weather data must be made available as quickly and easily as possible. With Meteotest's Weather API you get direct access to weather forecasts, current and historical measurements, climate data, satellite data and air pollution levels. With our extensive database, we offer global coverage and access to all relevant weather and climate parameters and can thus service all industries.

You request and receive the data exactly when you require it and thus obtain the greatest possible flexibility for further processing in your website, app, software or control system.

To get an idea of our capabilities and the resulting opportunities visit our weather page.

For the energy industry, we offer independent products for solar forecasts and icing forecasts via webservice.

Meteotest Data Exchange MDX

Via the "Meteotest Data Exchange" (MDX) API you obtain standardised access to all data sources. The data is automatically converted into the desired output format such as CSV, XML, JSON, PHP or TXT. In addition to the standard formats, we can also generate output specifically tailored to your needs, eg. as a specific graph or in a special format.

The data is available as site-specific point or spatial data. Time period and temporal resolution will be adjusted according to your requirements. Thanks to a lightweight design and the pre-processing of the required data, we achieve very high speeds and availability, even for large queries.

An expanded technical documentation of MDX with examples can be found on this page.

Standardised WMS services for the transmission of maps

Our customized Web Map Services (WMS), for the transmission of maps and thematic layers via web service, and our MAAP web map toolbox, complement our web services. This allows putting weather information into a spatial context.

Thanks to years of GIS expertise under the same roof, we can also provide optimum support in the field of web-GIS.

Daily forecasts via e-mail and Fax

With Meteomail we send you detailed weather bulletins on a daily basis for the next 2 to 5 days in PDF format via e-mail or Fax.

Meteomail is a product for communal facilities, road maintenance services, construction companies, transportation companies, utilities, hotels, tourist offices, hostels, campsites, mountain railways/ski lifts and many others.

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