Monitoring Networks

Measurements for aviation, roads and soil

Road weather – Early detection of black ice

We install, operate and maintain road weather stations. Non-contact or built-in road sensors provide information about the road surface condition using parameters such as road temperature, salinity and water film height. Meteorological sensors measure air temperature, precipitation, snow depth and visibility. Webcams allow for a quick look at the road, with infrared illumination at night.

For cantons and municipalities we develop simple as well as comprehensive web solutions for monitoring road conditions along with current weather forecasts, which are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Soil moisture - for soil-friendly operations

Knowledge of the current soil moisture is crucial for the efficient and sustainable use of soil in agriculture and forestry as well as in construction-related earthworks.

For various cantons we conducted a ground survey network to gather information about the current state of the soil and thus provide decision-making aids for soil-friendly operations.

In addition to soil moisture, we also measure soil water potential as well as meteorological data. The data is visualised on a publicly accessible website.

Aviation weather - know where the wind blows

From private paragliding to Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, aviation is dependent on accurate and up-to-date information on the weather situation.

We install and operate aviation-qualified weather stations, take care of the data management and provide the data in suitable web platforms. When necessary, we supplement the stations with webcams to monitor weather conditions at critical points using live images.

Thanks to the 7-day operation of our weather forecast, we achieve high-availability of our forecasters for additional personal consultation.

Agriculture - revenue optimisation with weather information

Agriculture is heavily dependent on the weather. We operate weather stations specifically tailored to the agricultural requirements and present the data on suitable web platforms.

Besides the classic weather parameters, we measure specific variables such as soil moisture, leaf wetness and soil temperatures. We employ measurement technology by Adcon Telemetry, which has also further services, such as disease models, in its portfolio.

The measurements can be combined with weather forecasts (frost warnings, spray weather).