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Mobotix webcams for any weather

We mainly work with Mobotix webcams, which are highly weather-resistant and durable. These webcams include an independent Linux web server for configuration, data storage and data transfer.

Data transmission takes place via a dedicated line or a cellular router (GPRS). Supplemented with an infrared illuminator, the webcam can also deliver high-quality night shots. If necessary the camera can be equipped with heating in order to protect it against ice and snow.

We ensure the archiving of images and publish them on public or protected web applications as live images and as image archives. Additional services such as time-lapse movies or automatic image recognition are also available.

Reliably detect icing on wind turbines

Webcams are very well suited for the monitoring of wind turbines in icing conditions. Cameras detect the state of the sensors on the nacelle as well as that of the rotor blades at any time. Thus operation can be monitored and operating data can be analyzed precisely.

In the planning phase we use webcams in combination with our wind measurements to reliably detect the frequency of icing. We then include this information in the wind assessment's yield calculations.

Optimally plan the winter service

Webcams at critical spots in the road system are your eye on-site. The current state of the road can be determined, even during the night with infrared lighting. Webcams are a very efficient and low-cost method to minimise inspection trips, thereby reducing personnel costs.

In combination with weather forecasts and current measurement readings on customized websites, they are an essential basis for decision making for optimised winter service.

Operational management of power lines

With webcams the condition of overhead lines can be monitored on-site. On the one hand, ice formation on the conductor cables as well as on the power line masts can be assessed and used for operational decisions. On the other hand, terrain shifting of masts in critical locations can be automatically monitored using webcams and automatic image processing algorithms.

By using an autonomous power supply with solar panels, and selectively controlled heating, we can reliably operate a webcam system even at very remote locations and under harsh climatic conditions.

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