Weather Stations

The right station for each purpose

Design, implementation and operation from a single source

We design, install and operate weather stations with components customised for your specific implementation. This ensures that all relevant parameters are measured and only the best suited sensor technology is used. We operate permanent monitoring networks as well as temporary individual stations, extended if necessary with webcams.

At Meteotest you can obtain the design, material procurement, preparation and testing, installation, operation and maintenance as well as the data management from a single source. In addition, we present measurements and statistics in suitable web applications which can be combined with weather forecasts and climate data.

For wind energy assessment purposes we also offer the non-contact LIDAR system.

Permanent access to data

For data collection we often rely on loggers from Campbell Scientific, but are also well versed with other data logging systems. The data transfer is done either via the Internet or over a secure mobile network. This enables us to permanently access the station. For all solutions we utilise certified industrial components.

The data is imported into scalable databases. Data transfer is monitored automatically and continuously, and automatic procedures check the incoming readings immediately for plausibility. This process guarantees a high level of timeliness, availability and fast response in case of failures.

Each installation is documented and the history is recorded in a station log.

Properly designed and stable power supply

A stable power supply is a key element for reliable and up-to-date readings of weather stations. All our stations are buffered by a battery in order to deliver data even during power failures.

At sites without a permanent power supply we power the stations with solar panels. For large power requirements we use our mobile solar-diesel power supply.

We monitor the battery voltage and transfer this data together with the measurement readings. Thus, we are always informed about the battery state and can intervene quickly in case of failures.

All-in-one sensors

In addition to customized weather stations, we use compact weather stations where better suited. In these weather stations all sensors are integrated in a lightweight, small, but very rugged housing.

With a compact weather station the following weather parameters can be measured with little installation effort:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Precipitation and snow
  • Air pressure
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Solar radiation
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