Energy Economics

Meteorological grounds for decision-making in the energy industry

From prospecting to planning and through to construction and finally operation, all areas related to energy production, transport and trading depend on accurate weather and climate data. Thanks to our understanding of the energy industry, our experience and our accumulated data we can competently advise you on all issues.

Our accurate irradiation forecasts for the following days, as well as our real-time irradiation data of the last 24 hours, are important grounds for the decision-making of energy producers, grid operators, electricity traders and direct marketers as well as the building automation. Our solar cadastres stand out because of the high quality of data accumulated by Meteonorm and the precise rooftop detection. In Switzerland, Meteotest already created solar cadastres for different regions with a total of 2.5 million inhabitants and carried out the solar potential analysis of the national project Our ambition is to produce the best quality solar cadastres.