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Irradiation Data

Irradiation data from the last 24 hours

SolarSat for the last 24 hours

The core functionality of SolarSat is irradiation data for any location in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The irradiation is determined from satellite images.

With SolarSat you obtain cost-effective, accurate and reliable data for the monitoring of your PV systems, without having to rely on measuring instruments or other on-site infrastructure.

The following parameters are displayed:

  • Global horizontal irradiation
  • Global irradiation on inclined surfaces
  • ClearSky radiation
  • Reference yield
  • Temperature
  • Snow detection

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Satellite images from space as base data

Thanks to our own receiving station for satellite images, we are able to record the extent and the degree of cloudiness every 15 minutes with a high spatial resolution. During the day the visible channel of the satellite is used, while for the early morning hours, and for the detection of snow cover, the infrared channel is used.

The intensity of the cloudiness is defined as a Clear Sky Index. This index describes, relative to the radiation in cloudless weather, the proportion of solar radiation on the ground. With this information we are able to obtain spatial and temporal high-resolution radiation information which is then made available to our customers.

Web service (API) for dynamic access

The radiation data can be retrieved by the customer at any time via a web service (API). The data can be delivered in various output formats: CSV, TXT, XML, JSON, YAML. Technical documentation can be found here.

You can easily add new sites via the same web service, which also allows you to read, edit, and delete sites. This gives the customer the greatest possible flexibility.

Meteonorm - access to global climate data

Our product Meteonorm is a comprehensive global weather database. It offers easy access to precise data of irradiation, temperature and other weather parameters for any location in the world.

With over 4,000 satisfied customers worldwide, Meteonorm is one of the most popular databases for the planning of solar plants and buildings.

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