Parameter: ?format=html

HTML is the default output format. It shows all data with optional metadata in tabular form. Hover over values to see the metadata.

Option for pure HTML: Append &nochrome=true to the request in order to get an HTML table with minimal other content.


Parameter: ?format=json

Optional callback: ?format=json&callback=...

The data and optional metadata is returned in the JavaScript Object Notation.

If an optional callback parameter is submitted, the response will be wrapped in a function call, according to the JSONP specifications. This allows for cross-domain requests from JavaScript.


Parameter: ?format=jsonarray

Optional callback: ?format=jsonarray&callback=...

An alternative to the JSON output with differently formatted data: Instead of timestamps in the keys, timeseries are arrays of objects with the timestamp stored in the object.


Parameter: ?format=xml

All data and optional metadata is encoded in XML format.


Parameter: ?format=csv

All data (withouth metadata) is outputted as CSV. Values are separated by ;, enclosed by " and using \ as escape character.

Option newlines: By default CSV newlines are separated by LF (Line feeds). Add &newlines=crlf if you require added CR (Carriage return).

Option delimiter: By default CSV values are separated by ;. Add &delimiter=X if you require another delimiter (Single characters only).

Option enclosure: By default CSV values can be enclosed by ". Add &enclosure=X if you require another enclosure (Single characters only).

Option escape character: By default delimiter and enclosure characters in CSV values are escaped by \. Add &escape_char=X if you require another escape character (Single characters only).


Parameter: ?format=yaml

All data and optional metadata is serialized in the YAML format.

See for specifications and interpretation libraries.


For simple visualizations, we can create images featuring time graphs and parameter plots, weather symbols, maps, alert notficications etc.

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Option Imageformat: By default the image format is PNG. Add ?imageformat=[png|jpg|gif] for the output in a different format.

Specialized formats

Do you need your data in a specific format?

In your own XML scheme? Binary packed? In iambic pentameter?

We will implement your specific needs.

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