Meteotest helps aCentauri optimise their race strategy

Through our data, we enable aCentauri to determine the ideal speed and battery charge level of their solar race car along the race track. This gives the team a valuable advantage over the competition.

We are proud to support the Solar Racing Team aCentauri at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with our innovative SolarWebServices. Our forecasting products, SolarForecast and CloudMove, predict solar irradiance for numerous points along the race course and are automatically processed by aCentauri. This allows the team aCenaturi to adjust their race strategy in real time and realise the full potential of their solar-powered vehicle.

In addition, Meteotest also helps team aCentauri with technical questions. Our experts are available to provide their extensive expertise and support on all meteorological aspects relevant to their race strategy. We have also provided a pyranometer for aCentauri's support vehicle, which can be used to verify the predicted radiation values on site. This will allow the team to verify the accuracy of our predictions and further optimise their race strategy.


The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge starts on 22 October 2023 and runs from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. 46 teams will attempt to cover the 3000 km through the Australian outback as quickly as possible with their solar-powered vehicles. The race is a platform to showcase new ideas and push the boundaries of solar technology in transport.

We are delighted to be working with aCentauri and to be part of their exciting adventure. Together, we are committed to innovative solar energy solutions and driving the development of sustainable technologies.

Meteotest AG has a long history of supporting solar races and is proud to be part of these exciting events again. Back in 1985 we were the official weather service at the Tour de Sol in Switzerland and in 1990 our current employee Stephan Loser was a pilot at the second edition of the Solar Challenge in Australia.

Image credits: aCentauri Solar Racing


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