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Hail, lightning, heavy precipitation and strong wind

Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent as a result of climate change. At Meteotest, you get all the information in the fields of hail, lightning, heavy precipitation and strong winds from one source.


Hail is an unpredictable weather phenomenon with great damage potential. Accurate information about the current situation as well as about past events are of high value for various industries.

Thanks to our close cooperation with Meteoradar, we are able to provide you with up-to-date information, warnings as well as footprints of past events as well as hail statistics. You can fall back on the following products

  • Donnerradar: You want to know where hail and lightning currently occurs
  • Haildoc: You want to know when, where and how intensively hail occurred.
  • Meteolocal: You want to know where it there will be hail in the next few hours.

In addition to these products, we can also advise you for your very specific questions thanks to many years of archive data and profound expertise.


Lightning affects numerous sectors such as industry, insurance companies, utilities or transportation companies. Lightning strike can have a significant impact on your facilities and also affect the safety of structures or persons.

Thanks to our partnership with the company Météorage, we can serve you this field with high quality information and services:

  • Evaluate: I am interested in the potential lightning risk
  • Anticipate: I would like to get lightning warnings
  • Follow: I want to monitor how and where a thunderstorm develops
  • Ckeck: I need information where lightning occurred (footprint)

In addition, we are happy to serve your specific requirements and provide you with tailor-made solutions.

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Heavy precipitation

Robust information on the occurrence and evolution of heavy rainfall is relevant to government agencies, military services, sewer operators, civil engineering offices and other industries. Precise data can be used to protect structures and people in a targeted manner and to deploy emergency forces in an optimal way.

Thanks to our short-term radar forecast, you can monitor the course of heavy rainfall in real time and get accurate short-term forecasts. With targeted warnings via SMS, e-mail and telephone, we warn workers in sewer systems in good time before heavy rainfall occurs. With our extreme weather web portal, we provide aggregated precipitation sums for catchment areas of rivers and provide information when specific limits are exceeded.

We are happy to advise you also for your very specific questions.

Strong wind

The occurrence of strong winds can affect the safety of infrastructures such as buildings, cable cars or railways. Our core competence lies in the creation of specific services based on wind forecasts, wind modeling and wind measurements.

On the one hand, we can serve you here with site-specific wind forecasts for the operation of cable cars or for automatic shading control systems. In addition, we compile wind load reports for the design of cable cars.

With the new, innovative meteorological model PALM-4U we are finally able to simulate extreme events in very high spatial and temporal resolution. On the basis of these modelling, it is possible to reconstruct the wind conditions which occurred during damage events very precisely and to draw the corresponding conclusions from these footprints.

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