Lightning data – cooperation with Météorage

Meteotest now obtains lightning data for Switzerland and the neighbouring countries from Météorage. In addition, Meteotest now acts as a distributor for the services of Météorage in Switzerland.

Meteotest entered into a close partnership with the French company Météorage in the autumn of 2019. Météorage operates a high quality network for lightning detection in Europe. Based on this data, Météorage provides services for lightning risk assessment, lightning alarm, thunderstorm monitoring, and lightning footprints for past events. Météorage has more than 30 years of experience in this field.

Meteotest now obtains lightning data for Switzerland and neighbouring countries in real time from Météorage. Based on this data and in combination with other weather parameters, Meteotest creates tailor-made services for its customers. In addition, Meteotest is now acting as a distributor for the services of Météorage in Switzerland. Through this partnership, Meteotest can complement its extreme weather portfolio to offer hail, lightning, heavy precipitation and strong wind data services from one source.

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The topic of lightning affects many different industries, such as industry, insurance companies, energy suppliers or transport companies. Lightning strikes can cause substantial damage to equipment and structures, require a thorough system check or compromise the safety of a site or people.

Where and when are there lightning strikes?

Thanks to the partnership with Météorage, Meteotest can now provide its customers with high-quality information and services in this field too:

  • Evaluate: I am interested in the potential lightning risk
  • Anticipate: I need to get lightning warnings
  • Follow: I want to monitor how and where a thunderstorm develops
  • Check: I need information when lightning took place (footprint)

The partnership with Météorage enables us to expand our extreme weather portfolio and to provide much more comprehensive services to our customers. Access to real-time lightning data enables our forecasters to deliver more accurate forecasts to our clients.

René Cattin, CEO Meteotest AG

The professionalism and expertise of Meteotest in forecasting and weather services will allow us, through this partnership, to improve our services in the lightning risk mitigation. Thanks to this new collaboration, our solutions in the lightning prevention, eventually combined with weather forecast, will be able to benefit to a wide range of business sectors.

Dominique Lapeyres de Chavardes, Präsident Météorage
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