arcgis support


Application Development and Support

Concept and structure for data management

Data management, careful modelling and a structured collection, documentation and storage of data are of utmost importance. Without this work a Geographical Information System (GIS) is worthless.

We create preliminary analyses and concepts, as well as organise workflows. We assist you in viewing and synchronisation of existing data, eliminating redundancies and errors, implementing new geodata models and devising the appropriate structure so that you can maintain and update your databases efficiently.

Customised Application Development

For recurring GIS tasks, functionalities that go beyond the standard capabilities of ArcGIS are often required. We develop applications with ArcGIS Desktop for the reliable and efficient performance of such tasks.

We create macros and models for minor tasks, or code comprehensive applications (add-ins, extensions) for complex workflows.

Training and Support

To target customer-specific problems, we offer on-the-job training and/or consulting.

Installation and maintenance

We have many years of experience with the installation and operation of ArcGIS products, both on local workstations as well as on server environments. Whenever necessary, we perform upgrades or migrations while documenting the process.

As a member of the Esri Partner Network, we are always up-to-date with the latest technical developments of ArcGIS.

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